The future of secure corporate email for France-based companies, now rolling out to a select few.

What is ARX

ARX.fr is a secure email-like service that uses military grade cryptographic protocols and architecture. Its use is reserved for companies that are registered in France, and their subsidiaries. This restriction is in place for legal and jursidiction guarantees.

State of the art technology

ARX uses closed-source technology. This is all the public information that you will find about it. We fully adhere to the "Security through obscurity" principle.

Future-proof encryption

Our cryptographic algorithms are provably secure, and their implementation have no attack vector by design.

Fail safe infrastructure

Your data is stored in datacenters strategically dispatched in multiple secret locations organized in several availability zones.

Easy to use

The incredible complexity behind the ARX security is completely transparent to the users. It just feels like old regular e-mail.

Unbreakable security.

Our physical locations are heavily secured. Our encryption cannot be deciphered. Your data is safe.


The newest ARX powerline protocol based on BPL is in its final testing phase. Please opt-in via the settings page of the ARX desktop client for beta registration.

How can I join ARX?

The only way to join ARX is for you company to have been invited by an entity with a valid invite code. Please only contact sales if you wish to change your current existing plan.

My company has ARX, how can I connect to it?

Please refer to your company's IT departement for instructions. Be aware that there is no web interface, the desktop client is the only way to connect.

I have a question

Please contact your company's IT departement for assistance. ARX support is only able to help with company wide administration issues.